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Nevo David

How to find contributors to your GitHub library

June 28, 2023

Nevo David

Contributors are the core of every good GitHub library.

  • They can expand your library by contributing code.

  • They bring other contributors.

  • They become the "ambassador" of your brand and promote you in every way they can.

  • They give more credibility to your library.

Here is a neat trick if you are starting out or just want to get some extra contributors.

We always think that to get contributors, we must create some great articles and build excellent documentation, but there are easier ways.

Let's start with Novu.

Novu is an open-source notification infrastructure tool.

And while it's the first tool that offers a UI - state-based notification infrastructure, it's living in the same area of Email notifications, SMS notifications, In-App notifications, and so on.

Let's take another example.

MedusaJS - They offer solutions for online commerce stores.

But they are also building a payment part for products, inventory management and permissions, and so on.

So let's go back to Novu.

Novu supports sending SMSs with different providers, let's pick one - Twilio.

Twilio has a big open-source user base

So we can basically head over to the Twilio library pull requests

Once you have done it, you can find out about the contributors that contributed to the library and open their public profile, there you can find their email (not always).

From here, we can send a cold email very focused to the prospects.
Please research every prospect - never send any automated email as it can deeply damage your brand/library.

"Hi ,
I hope you're doing great!
My name is Nevo.
I recently stumbled upon your contribution to Twilio (add link),
I am building a notification infrastructure tool that can use any type of communication channel to communicate with users and one of them is SMSs,
I am looking for new contributors and since you have contributed to Twilio before, I thought it might be a great opportunity for you, here is the link to the repository:

Let me know what you think,