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A year of learning

Developers don't tolerate nonsense, and marketing to them requires a completely different approach. When I tried to search for "How to market to developers" on Google, I found no results. So, I had to figure it out on my own. During the year, I developed practical tactics that helped me every-day and I will be happy to share it with you over my newsletter.


What people say


Tomer Barnea

CEO @ Novu

Nevo has achieved great growth for Novu in a remarkably short time. His creative, and practical strategies have resulted in immediate and tangible results.


Nicklas Gellner

COO @ Medusa

Nevo is an outstanding Growth Engineer. He really understands how to create traction around a developer products and his results speak for themselves!


Zevi Reinitz

Head of Product Marketing @ Livecycle

The content is clear, creative and practical, and can have an immediate impact, highly recommend to anyone looking to grow their Github library.


Michael Solati

DevRel @ Amplication

Nevo's knowledge and expertise in building communities, engaging with developers, and reaching out to them wherever they are, is invaluable.


Teja Kummarikuntla

Developer Advocate @ ToolJet

Nevo's thoughts were insightful, his ideas and strategies are experimented with regular improvements towards the growth of GitHub stargazers and contributors


Trend on GitHub

Learn how to boost your open-source project's visibility and growth with proven strategies.

From trending on GitHub to leveraging Reddit and DEV.to, using influencers, creating custom events, writing converting marketing materials, and mastering the call to action.

Learn effective communication with developers, finding content writers, and utilizing community-building tools like badges and certificates

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Recordings with Companies

Resources & Help

Many of my tactics can be found over the blog

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