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Nevo David

How to find great tech writers that are also good at marketing

June 28, 2023

Nevo David

When I joined Novu, I struggled to find good content writers to write for me.

Let's face it. You need a person that is, on the one hand, technical and, on the other hand, a good content writer.

I hired very expensive content writers (between $700 - $1200 per article).

The main problem was that you wouldn't find good content writers if you went to platforms like Upwork.

I was also under the assumption that if the content is not generic, like "how to send an email with Python," they won't be able to do it.

But I found a solution for it, is a social media platform for articles, and every week there is a competition feed for the writers with the most views/likes.

From here, you can reach out to the writers and ask them to write for you.

You can either find their email in their profile or see their GitHub and reach out.

In my GitHub 20k course, I teach how to build the perfect blog post (meme and everything) and how to promote it on various platforms.