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Nevo David

How to get hundreds of GitHub stars using and Reddit

June 28, 2023

Nevo David

In Novu, we have both short terms win and long ones.

We produce content every week (even twice a week), but should we wait one year for SEO? I don't think so.

We wanted to get contributors fast, not just because we wish to, but to improve our product; we must learn from data.

So we thought, how can we get that amount of traffic quickly?

Have you ever seen those viral tweets and posts over the internet that gets so many eyes? I wanted that.

But let's face it, I never tweet, I never write and post, there is almost like 0 chance I could do something like that, and even if I could somehow, how do I keep doing it?

I have realized that the best way to do it is to find a good platform that it's easier to become trending on there.

And I have found is a social media for articles for programmers.

Over my time at Novu, I have perfected my content writing skills and reached the top of the trending feed on every week.

How did I do that?

I never posted about Novu - well, at least not directly.

I have always posted about what developers like - coding and technical use cases (not "How to use WebSockets" but "How to build a chat with WebSockets and React").

Suppose you look at my posts over you can see that I have a pattern. I talk about it in my GitHub 20k stars course.

Once I have released the article, I usually try to bring more traffic from Reddit and our discord channel.

Now here is the thing, if the article is not about you but your world, for example, in our case, notifications, then it's not self-promotion when you post it on Reddit.

Make sure you send every possible traffic you can to, don't scatter it over different links, as you want to become trending over