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Nevo David

I got 12,492 views for my articles in 3 days

March 30, 2024

Nevo David

Welcome to all the new newsletter subscribers 🚀

Three days ago, I started a launch that resulted in:

  • 200 stars

  • 60 newsletter registration

I want to say that the launch was super diverse, and many channels helped out. But the truth is, one channel performed 10x better than all the others: DEV.TO 

This time, it was different; the traffic didn’t come from DEV but from Google!
Google (especially for Android) has a unique feed for article suggestions - being on that feed will drive you a lot of traffic.

Guessing how it works

To tell you the truth, the article is not amazing. I was lazy, but the article's hook was strong. As with any platform, if you get a lot of clicks on your stuff, the platform will reward you.

The same thing happened here; probably, Google suggested the article, which got many clicks and reached a bigger audience.

So what did I do there?

I gave people the feeling that if I did something, they could replicate it. That title goes with “My new open-source repository to schedule all your content!

Now, I can quickly create a GitHub repository for scheduled articles and social media posts.

But I wanted to make it personal.

So here are some examples of what you can do. Taken from community articles:

  1. “10 Steps to Build a Top-Tier Discord Server for Your Open Source Community” - “I have built a top-tier Discord Server for open-source

  2. “Making a notification service with Rust & AWS SNS” - “My approach for sending notifications with Rust & AWS SNS

  3. “Interested in Contributing to Open Source? Here's What You Need to Know” - “I have contributed to 10 open-source projects and learned some shocking stuff

Nailing the cover picture

One of the things people don’t take seriously is the cover picture. But I have proven a million times that it’s actually one of the most important things.

This is what I posted.

It’s obviously the GitHub cat and says it will schedule all your content.
People want to learn more about what it means - to be unique, intrigue people's minds - and do what other people don’t do.

I have seen tons of posts with just a simple gradient or a gradient with text (that’s literally the exact text from the title). Don’t.

Just because many people do it doesn’t make it good.

The article intro

Do you know all these influencers that use “#buildinginpublic” on X?
Always sharing their MRR / ARR?

Why do they do that? People want to be like them and do the same thing they do - it builds up their interest.

I have done something similar. Look at this:

Now that I have shown you some metrics, I have your attention.
The same thing happened to this email - both for the subject and the introduction.

This week, I will write another article for a community member - stay tuned for the following email to see the results.

See you next week!