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Nevo David

Grab a lot more visitors with the canonical tag

June 28, 2023

Nevo David

I got a quick story to tell you that might help you out.

After I joined Novu, we spent around three months building Novu's strategy.

Most of my strategy consisted of long-term channels.

SEO, Podcast, and Engineering as marketing.

The day I interviewed Novu, I was introduced to an advisor who has made a few exits.
He was intelligent and rude and told me that I was a terrible marketer (between the lines).
I didn't like him that much.

Fast-forward, My CEO told me, let's show our marketing plan to him.
He was super busy.
He took the call on his phone (not Zoom or anything) and told me that our marketing was not good. It's not good because all our channels are way into the future, and by the time we can understand if they work or not, Novu can die.

I can't tell you that I didn't know or think about that, but I have to get this little kick to realize that.

Most companies can measure conversions, but in Novu, we don't have customers, and most of our stuff is happening over GitHub, which automatically removes all our attribution and analytics.

So, alright, we have a lot of content going out every week, but how can we get people to see it - without waiting for SEO?

We started to post the content on different platforms, such as and Medium, and we got tons of growth.

I can tell you that we got thousands of stars just from posting on

So we posted everything on our Novu blog and other platforms and sent a canonical link back to our blog - we didn't want Google to see it as duplicated content.

If you already have some content published on your blog, nothing stops you from posting (NOW) on other platforms.

In Novu, we used WordPress as a headless CMS to add our content.
I have developed a plugin to post directly from Wordpress to; feel free to use it here:

I hope this tip was helpful; feel free to write me back about things you need help with.

See you next week!