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Nevo David

Know when you are trending on GitHub

October 21, 2023

Nevo David

Welcome to all the new subscribers!

Clickvote is on ProductHunt! Help me with an upvote if you can ❤️👇

I spent around 10 hours building a monitoring tool that lets you know when you are trending on GitHub (both for the main and language feeds).

I am a bit shocked that GitHub didn’t create it themselves or that nobody except for me built a tool like that. 🤦🏻‍♂️

I already got some nice comments about it, so I know it’s helpful!

  • I used for the background jobs in NextJS (instead of opening another job server) 🚀

  • I used Novu to send the notifications. It helped me, especially because instead of sending two emails simultaneously (trending on the main feed / trending on typescript), I sent one digested email with both.

Feel free to use the tool here:
You can also view the source code here

We nailed Product Hunt

Last day, we put Novu for the first time on Product Hunt and got to be 1st of the day and 2nd of the week (900+ upvotes). I worked hard on this launch 🥹

Here is what we have done:

  • We created a product hunt video about Novu and added a riddle inside. To solve the riddle, you would have to go to and solve it (we got 349 responses for that). We will create another live event from the responses to get more stars for Novu in the future.

  • We added another bonus inside HackSquad: answer the riddle in our Product Hunt video and get 2 points (298 people submitted it.)

  • We asked people to vote for us both in the HackSquad and Novu communities:

    • Discord

    • Newsletters

    • Twitter

    • Linkedin

  • And of course, I dmed many people to help us both on Linkedin and Slack. We have used Tal Borenstein (From Keep) Tool for scraping.

Our main goal was not to get 1st of the day but to be inside the Product Hunt newsletter, and we did it!

At the time of writing this,
We got 933 visitors to our website and around 4-5 booked calls.
Was it worth it? Will see.

Things I would change:

  • Incorporate some LinkedIn automation and ask for a connection for an upvote.

  • Use influencers.

  • Make better incentives.

Clickvote is starting to get more attention

We started working hard to bring in contributors, stars, and forks.
So far:

  • 2,436 stars

  • 530 forks

Here is how we did it:

  • We promoted Clickvote over HackSquad (if you are not using Hacktoberfest to grow, you are missing an opportunity).

  • I added a ten tees incentive inside Clickvote to drive more contributors.

  • I used as another traffic source to bring more contributors.

  • We tried to create at least one issue every day with good first issue and hacktoberfest we realized many people are coming from websites like; it’s important to add every day, so if you have multiple issues, split them between days so you can be on top of the aggregator.

  • We created a React dev listicle. Those always work and bring in a lot of traffic. I have also managed to add many of my friends! (so far 19,204 views), I will probably keep on producing them every week.

Do you need help?

I am happy to help any founder/maintainer to find their growth.

  • Get more stars

  • Get more contributors

  • Get more visibility

  • Get more customers

Schedule a free meeting with me here.

I might give you some “aha!” moments. Who knows 🙇🏻‍♂️

See you next week!