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Nevo David

Match your content with the platform

April 6, 2024

Nevo David

Before we start, I just wanted to say that I am going strong with YouTube and will create tons of valuable content for you!
Please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Winglang got more than 300 stars

This week, we worked hard on the Winglang launch, which resulted in more than 300 stars and GitHub trending.

Just to let you know our main channels:

  • Santiago post - Almost 250k views, a lot better than the previous one as we started to change the narrative into AI (even though Wing is not an AI company)

  • Alex Wang - Went OK (only 118 likes); we tried to put Liam Neeson voice, but I think people didn’t get it 🫠

  • Some self-promotional posts on /r/selfhosted /r/opensource, and /r/aws

  • A video from World of AI performed not the best compared to his other views.

  • My DEV article, which got almost 7k stars, goes through the story of me working with Serverless (it’s a true story)

Performance of my articles

So, I copied my tactic from last time, and Google picked it up again, resulting in 7023 (in one full day)

And I think it will reach between 15k - 20k by the end of the week.
I like dogfooding, so I used Gitroom to publish the article in DEV, Hashnode, and Medium (with a publication).

But once everything was set, and I launched the DEV article in the Gitroom Community I decided to push it a nudge on Reddit.

So, every few hours, I posted on a new Subreddit, such as /r/devops /r/aws /r/programming. I used the help of the Wing team to support the article and get around 5 upvotes.

I got tons of views but not a lot of engagement, and soon enough, too many people downvoted it.

And nasty comments, but that’s Reddit. You should be expecting that:

I wish I could meet one of these people in real life. I always imagine all of them as green orcs 😅

It's nice to see that the Hashnode post got around 2.1k views!

So what should I have done?

What should I have done

Each platform's audience expects a different kind of content—it doesn’t mean that it can’t be clickbaity—but it should match the platform.

What I should have done to the Hashnode post is:

  • Change the title to something like: “Chromium memory leaks: Changing infrastructure from containers to lambda

  • Remove some of the GIFs.

  • Decrease the amount of promotion I put for Wing.

  • Change the intro to be more technical and less “Here is a truly irrelevant number of my MRR

I am starting to touch the metals again, and I feel my content value is more substantial.

I converted the last article into a YouTube video, so feel free to watch it here (and subscribe to the channel, PLEASE 😻)

Next week, I plan to write an article for KitOps. I want to try to randomly promote people in the community and do more work to write more exciting stuff.

My goal? Get them 200 stars.

Join the community, and I might make one for you too.

See you next week!