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Nevo David

Papermark trick to win 1st of the day on Product Hunt

January 13, 2024

Nevo David

I had the pleasure of talking to Marc @ Founder of Papermark.
We talked about some awesome stuff, such as:

  • How to write one X post that gets 100k views and wins a product hunt.

  • Should you open a social media account for your company?

  • The conflict between a GitHub “org” vs. a GitHub user.

  • The power of memes marketing.

  • Launch weeks and how to do them.

You can watch the full video here

Winning Product Hunt first of the day and grabbing hundreds of stars

Product Hunt is a website that lets people share and discover new products.
It is a community-driven platform where users submit and vote on new technology products, websites, mobile apps, and other tech creations.

To get to the top list of Product Hunt, you would need a lot of upvotes from different users.

Marc has a neat trick that can be used with Product Hunt.

Create an X post about your Product Hunt launch and send the post to everybody you know (whether it’s Linkedin / X / Whatsapp, etc.). Just navigate everybody there and ask for support.

They will help you with the post and, at the same time, upvote you on Product Hunt.

Once they like and repost your post, more people will see it, and you will get more upvotes.

Just make sure you don’t make multiple posts (on different platforms) and send people to the other posts, as you want to become “viral” on one platform rather than medium on all of them together.

Personal account vs. Corporate account

This is something I have talked about also in my previous newsletter. You can build a $100m website as this is something you can control but can’t control your social media.

To work with enterprise customers, you would usually want to look bigger than you are; this is why Marc didn’t rush to open a social media page but worked with his personal account, which already had 1.5k followers.

We have also agreed that companies' accounts are usually dull and consist of news and changelogs, and the best company accounts, like Supabase, manage to change that by adding more memes and reposting more people's quotes.

They have made their company account more of a personal account that consists of other things except for “official” website information - I love it.

Is it the only way? No - you can see Supabase's alternative Appwrite. They have taken the “official” approach rather than the community fun and friendly.

They have more followers but are getting less engagement than Supabase.
I don’t know about the conversion, though. I will need to ask them 😀 

Memes marketing

it might sound like a joke, but meme marketing is a thing many companies are putting as part of their funnel as they usually get more engagement than informatic posts.

But it must be strategically based on your product. For example, if I am a Database company, I might want to create something more like this:

I want to attract the right audience; I can show them relevant, informative posts later.

In general, you can get ideas just by googling “idea” + “meme,” or you can check Reddit channels such as Programming Humar

Launch weeks

While we all launch our stuff every week, “Launch week” is a different concept where you take a whole week and launch a product or a feature every day.

It’s good because it creates curiosity among followers: “What will they launch tomorrow?” and, generally, FOMO.

Marc created a launch week with two weeks of preparation - he said it was too stressful and should have had at least one month of things prepared.

There are so many options for launch weeks. The latest one that I like is Resend - They are in the middle of launch week, and one cool concept they implemented is changing their X logo every day (like a loader)

This has made it for their X, Linkedin, and Discord servers.

You can learn about different concepts of launch weeks from this GitHub README file.

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