My social media plan for 2024

Nevo David
Jan 15, 2024

I hear this often - “Post a lot until you find your voice,” and then people will follow and listen to you.

Elon Musk will tweet that he is taking a number 2 and get tons of likes and reposts, and some super opinionated content will come up from that.

If I do it, I will just get blocked.

I think the most important thing is to get an “influence” and word-of-mouth of what you do; for that, you will need a social media plan - and a kick start because you can post forever when you have 0 followers that will never bring you more.

Social media is one of the most vital channels, especially with open-source.
For me, I think the best way is to use Thought Leadership - it means that your main account is the one that produces everything and not the company account.

Because people connect to people and not companies.
Also, you can write your thoughts (#buildinpublic), something you would usually not do with a company account.

Now, you might be in a different position from where I am currently, so I will put various alternatives in stuff you can do.

Learn what’s working.

All the biggest influencers will tell you to start with X - you can write around 5-6 posts per day, see what gets the most amount of views, and then repurpose it; the problem is that if you have less than 1k followers, you might not be able to do that. Here is what you CAN DO.

Use Reddit

Reddit is a social media platform that does not require you to have a lot of audience to get views and comments on your post - you can post there daily, and when you see that some post gets to a threshold, mark it as something popular so you can use it in other platforms later.


You might be used to DEV as a blogging platform, but you can post anything there with the #discuss tag. It is proven that DEV can organically get you thousands of views for your content.

PRO TIP: put a CTA on Reddit/DEV to follow you on X / Linkedin. It will kick-start your followers.

Engage with other people

I am literally spending 1 hour every day finding relevant accounts to follow (in my niche) and commenting on relevant accounts.

If there is a post with more than 100k views, and you post there fast, your comments can get to thousands of views.

You can hit the “Notify” button to know precisely when somebody posts.

Hack X (Twitter)

One of the best ways to grow on different platforms is to learn the algorithm; long-form posts are popular now.

But that rarely moves the needle when you start - The best way is to create side projects that bring you more followers. Here are examples:

  1. Tony Dinh created a bot that updates his cover picture every hour with the latest Twitter followers - that’s amazing because

    1. it’s an exciting thing to build (attracts attention).

    2. Many people would want to appear in his cover picture and follow him.

  2. Hypefury / Restream and other different platforms, while authenticating to their platform with oAuth2, have an automated checkbox that says “Follow Hypefury on X,” so almost every person who uses them follows them. Now you can build tons of side projects with an X authentication that requires people to follow you (of course, tell them before so it won’t be abusive)

  3. Add junior-based content that can get you more followers:

    1. Listicles

    2. Product Breakdowns

    3. Memes

    This can be outsourced; I am not writing most of this content.

Hack Linkedin

I use an auto-connect tool such as LinkedIn Helper and send around 50 connection requests daily in the following format.

Once I connect with them, I usually post nonstop content and wait for that to convert to my newsletter - some convert immediately.


Once some type of content works, stick to it.
There is no reason to change your posts every time.

Post the winning posts on Linkedin and record a “Youtube Short” video.

Now take the YouTube short, post it on Youtube, and then again post it on Linkedin and X.

I had a fun conversation with my friend, and we talked about how to get a viral post, but what we realized is that you can repost your old viral post (both on Linkedin and X) and get tons of engagement for older posts.

You can also use software like Hypefury and Typefully to do that.

The bigger CTA

You converted people to your X and Linkedin, but now what?
I like to convert people to my newsletter - you are probably asking why.

  • It’s a better way for me to provide long-form content (even though there are new X long-form) today. I might start to repurpose those to X, too.

  • I am not tied to the X / Linkedin algorithm; once you send somebody an email - they’ll get it unless you did some bad stuff and it reaches spam.

  • You are safe - Holding a list of people's emails will protect you if the platform closes, you get banned, or the algorithm becomes super bad.

Build side projects

The project I created on the weekend still brings me followers and newsletter subscribers. Non-stop. I have big plans to make so many more in my niche.

Do you have a GitHub repository with more than 1.5k stars?

I want to interview you and launch your product and insights in the newsletter.
Feel free to schedule a call with me here.

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