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Nevo David

ChatGPT will 10x any GitHub project

August 5, 2023

Nevo David

Ride the f* hypes

If there’s something that I learned in Novu - ride hypes.

WaspLang is a framework for React, Node.js, and Prisma.
What’s their connection to ChatGPT? Not much, however:

You might think, ok, but ChatGPT has nothing to do with my product - well, it can be, and it doesn’t have to be ChatGPT. Choose any hype: LangChain, Stable Diffusion, llama, Gen2, Apple VR 😎

You will not implement ChatGPT in your app - that will be wild 🤪 especially if you are an open-source library.

Think about a product that can complete your product.
It can be anything of:

  • Boilerplates

  • Content generators

  • App generators

  • Image generators

Here are a few examples:

  1. Novu notifications directory

  2. Wasp Web App Generator

  3. Frontitude (not open-source) created UX writing assistant

  4. converts pages into JSON with chat GPT to create a listicle on X, but you can also manually parse any website

Once you have developed your new product (by-product), you must buy a new domain (not a subdomain, that’s important). It has to serve as a “new brand.”

Next, create a DEV guide on how you made the tool and the call to action for the tool.

Try to post it on Hackernews on “Show HN:” - please ensure it looks good so they accept you.

Post it on Reddit - find the right channel for you that can be any of: /r/selfhosted

And last and most important - Release it on Product Hunt

That’s the Wasp framework that generated 7k users (so far) for them.


Community highlight 🚀

Very excellent job from Resume Matcher. They got trended on GitHub from a single DEV post.

I like this story because the product is just good, and the community around it is vast (junior developers). They have got around 1k views on DEV (I usually get at least 10k) and got to be trending on GitHub.

Actually, I am not surprised that one of the most trending articles I have on Medium is building a resume with AI (maybe that’s your next by-product?)

I have grown by 50 followers with a listicle 🔥

Maybe you think that’s not a lot, but that's huge for somebody with 820 followers.

So, as you know, I started to put weekly listicles over DEV that contributes to my funnel, but I said, let’s post the same listicle over Twitter and inform the founders about it, and it exploded:

Definitely going to repeat that every week. It’s so low effort and so popular that I hate it a bit - but as somebody told me, “If it works, don’t touch it.”

See you next week. 🫡