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Nevo David

How to get at least 5 GitHub stars every day

June 28, 2023

Nevo David

Stars are a great metric, but they must be accurate. You don't want to get stars from people not in your target audience.

Here is a neat trick to get five stars every day, but we must start with the fundamentals.

Your GitHub file.

Create a new repository with the same name as your GitHub handle.

Write about yourself, and make sure you add what you are building and a link to it at the end.

It's imperative you write very detailed about what you are doing.
Having a picture to click to go to your repository might be better as it attracts the eye.

Now GitHub has the feature of making the repository as your profile, do it.

Let's go over the ChatGPT - Yes, yes. and write something like:

Now we can run it over the GitHub GraphQL Explorer

See the "logins" Each of them is a GitHub user. You can find them at "{login}"

Make a list of the best users (after researching them) and follow around 100 daily.

They will follow you and star your repository if they like your actions.