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June 28, 2023

Nevo David

I am just packing my things, flying to Portugal tomorrow for Novu's offsite 🙇🏻‍♂️

I have the privilege of talking to Jonathan Reimer on his podcast - Product-Led.
We discussed Novu's top tactic for getting GitHub stars and users - a hint: it involves, Reddit, and influencers. You can listen to it here:

I told my CEO I was stupid a few days ago

Sometimes you have to see other people make mistakes to see yours.
My mind was pretty simple. So I made open-source community stuff outside of the community.

Let me elaborate.
Back in the day, we created Novu Community Heroes - a unique platform that takes the last community contribution, puts it on a list, and gives badges.
But it didn't work as well as I expected.

The mistake was that it was on the Novu marketing website,
Instead of just putting it on GitHub, where our community thrives.

Since then, I have created a thumb rule for me.
There are three types of audiences.

Developers who consume open-source
Developers who are a part of open-source communities
Enterprises, Indie hackers, founders, etc...

If your feature falls into the open-source community, make sure you also put it on GitHub.

I have been working on GitHub20k libraries for a while, and it's a great place for library owners to submit their libraries and for developers to find it over Google.

But let's admit the truth when it comes to the community, it should be on GitHub, and that's why it was significant for me also to create the "awesome list," so community members can join.

The great thing is that if it's really good, and you put it on a separate repository, that project might get trended and more community members - that's what happened.

So do yourself a favor if you build something for your community: it can be a job listing, listicles, etc.
Then, please put it on GitHub.

How did I get "awesome list" to be on the trending list?

I wrote a super-converting article on, bringing a lot of traffic to it. I don't want to spoil all the fun. Just listen to the podcast episode 😉

If you have a podcast and want to invite me as a guest, feel free to shot me an email or a fax, anything you want!

P.S we have a Discord Server, feel free to join, create discussion and talk to other GitHub library owners.

Until next week,