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Nevo David

3 tips to get grow your open-source repository

June 28, 2023

Nevo David


I got some tips that might help you out!
You can start implementing them immediately after this post.

TIP 1: simple attribution trick that will dramatically increase your learning.

I have just learned that our "building a resume article" converts users (weird 😲).

I am still determining what type of users and if I should focus on it, but one thing is critical. There is learning.

If there was one question I have always asked myself: What is the start of my funnel to see registered users?

There are a lot of analytics tools like Plausible (go cookie-less) and google analytics, but it's sometimes hard to understand where your funnel is starting from.

Take your analytics service. When a new user lands on your page (any page), save the current path to their cookie / local storage. Once the member clicks on the registration link on your website, fire the pixel with the landing path.

I can't wait to wait for the end of the month to see our best-converting article. That will help us to understand our members better and to create better content.


TIP 2: create content people can promote. It's ok to offer an incentive.

During the last Hacktoberfest, we ran HackSquad. It's like Hacktoberfest, just for teams. We got around 5000 participants in one month - most of them didn't come from our direct marketing.

We told people that if they bring their friend (with an affiliate link) to the competition, they'll get 1 point (max five people). It worked like a charm.

This month we are running the ConnectNovu hackathon; we have committed to sending people swag if they invite their friends and they submit a project to the hackathon. So again works like a charm!

TIP 3: offer swag to promote your Twitter engagement posts.

Guillermo Rauch, the founder of Vercel, is a great programmer and an even better marketer.
One thing I have seen in many of his posts is:

This trick tremendously increases the engagement of his posts.
Consider using this trick on your next post 😉

Until next time!