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Perfect for testing and small projects

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3 channels

30 posts per month


GitHub trending monitor


Perfect for mid size projects

$10 per channel / mo

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400 posts per month


GitHub trending monitor

Import content from channels (coming soon)

AI auto-complete (coming soon)


Perfect for large projects

$15 per channel / mo

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Unlimited posts per month

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GitHub trending monitor

Import content from channels (coming soon)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are channels?

Gitroom allows you to schedule your posts between different channels. A channel is a publishing platform where you can schedule your posts. For example, you can schedule your posts on Twitter, Linkedin, DEV and Hashnode

What are team members?

If you have a team with multiple members, you can invite them to your workspace to collaborate on your posts and add their personal channels

What do I need to import content from channels?

Gitroom can help you schedule your launch, but you might write your content on other platforms such as Notion, Google Docs, etc. You may experience problems copy your content with different formats or uploaded images. That's why we have a feature to import your content from different platforms.

What can I find in the community features?

Gitroom is all about the community, You can enjoy features such as: exchanging posts with other members, exchanging links as part of the "Gitroom Friends" and buy social media services from other members

What is AI auto-complete?

We automate ChatGPT to help you write your social posts based on the articles you schedule

Why would I want to become featured by Gitroom?

Gitroom will feature your posts on our social media platforms and our website to help you get more exposure and followers

Can I get everything for free?

Gitroom is 100% open-source, you can deploy it on your own server and use it for free. However, you might not be able to enjoy the community features Click here for the open-source