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Nevo David

How to make sure you are talking to developers

April 20, 2024

Nevo David

When you talk about your product, there is an easy pitfall to talk to product managers instead of developers. And while, in theory, it sounds interesting, it’s not what developers will search or look for.

Let’s take an example:

Product: Novu helps you to send engaging notifications to your clients.
Devs: Novu has an API for cron-based time and digested notifications

They are very similar in structure but talk to different audiences. Developers will probably search Google to find out how to send a notification based on time rather than how to send an engaging notification.

Always remember:

Product Manager Problems ≠ Developers problems

Picture time

One thing I have realized (that you are going the right way) is that UMLs 100x your articles for developers. The classic example is the Slack notification explanation:

This picture was later copied by all notifications infrastructure companies, such as Novu, Magicbell, and Courier.

Another example is my article about WingLang on DEV. I tried adding as many UMLs as possible.

It trended on the Google Discover page.

And later, go to be trending on Medium:

Type of content

Focus on the developers.

Developers like:

  • Infrastructure / Architecture

  • Code Snippets

  • Libraries / Repositories

They don’t like:

  • Marketing

  • Too much product description

  • Something that doesn’t make them better developers after they read it

Also, make sure you match the persona with the content. Don’t send content from your Product Managers to your developers.

Be humble

One thing that was hard for me to realize when I joined the DEV space is that coming from the top will do, you know, good.

I realized that admitting that you make mistakes / asking for help is better than saying you are the best. Let me show you some of the mistakes I have made.

Here is a good CTA:


Here is a bad CTA:


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