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Nevo David

How to write open-source titles that convert

June 28, 2023

Nevo David


This is a quick rant.

Why do people think you can't hook developers?

For those of you who need clarification on what a hook is - a hook is a way to intrigue an audience to check your stuff: your newsletters, your article, your website item number 13, and your email.

I have seen some newsletters sending emails like "#56 subject, subject, subject", and I am honestly amazed it didn't go to my dull folder.

If there is one thing you can't do, use sleaziness or sell something.

But you can 100% put intriguing things on the hook that will be in the email.
Look at this post (for example):

It shows you the results of what you can get (hook) and offer you some tips to get there.

No wonder it got almost 200 reactions on

You can also find things like:

  • Emojies to stand out from the other posts

  • Beautiful graphic cover.

  • An idea of what you can earn by reading this.

  • Actual numbers.

But when talking to developers, please ensure you stay within the line - or you will get back-lashed.

Here is an example:

This email subject is "How to hook developers," which works.

I could add some click-baiting non-real data like "How to hook 100 developers in 10 minutes," - but I would be crossing the line.

That can generally work amazingly with non-developer-related audiences.

BTW: can you see that the email title is using lower-case letters? It's a trick that grabs attention I learned long ago - it looks like the email is more personal.

I usually have pretty high opening rates for my emails:

I have posted almost 50 posts on and played with the titles.

Here is what I have learned:

  • The more emojis, the better - it attracts the eyes 🚀 🤯

  • Showing a whole use case is better than showing a part of it: Instead of saying "How to use WebSockets," write "How to build a chat app with React and Websockets" - always offer the reward.

  • Avoid using your brand in the title - people sometimes need help understanding what it means and hates self-centric branding.

I have started to sell "Growth articles" Honestly, you can do it yourself - just follow my emails, but if you need a boost, you can check

It's expensive as I am delegating my work between content writers and influencers.

Until next week!